The Hounds, Ltd. The Hounds is a happy collision of founder Adam Muncy’s love of fashion and philanthropy. Every shirt purchased contributes to helping a kid reaching greater things in life - whether it be a life-changing experience at camp or the means to get the education they deserve. 

Our Job

We worked with Adam to create an aesthetic for the company that satisfied our client, the consumer and the cause. We recognize that our target demographic is used to encountering a fresh combination of professionalism and character, especially in the fashion industry. Adam has worked tirelessly and ingeniously to get his vision for the company off the ground, and Badspark is proud to partner with him on his logo and brand design, and the creation of his website, thehoundsltd.com

"Andrew and Emily are the most competent and trustworthy designers I've ever worked with. I'm always searching for high character partners, and Badspark definitely delivers."
-Adam Muncy, Founder